If not immediately Risen, Napoli Awaited Ritiro

If not immediately Risen, Napoli Awaited Ritiro

If not immediately Risen, Napoli Awaited Ritiro

Naples – Napoli continued its negative trend after defeat Lazio in the semi-final second leg and knocked out of the Coppa Italia. If not immediately change lanes, the players will undergo ritiro.

Napoli lost 0-1 when host Lazio at the San Paolo, Thursday (04/09/2015) pm dawn earlier. Partenopei release a good chance to qualify for the finals after the draw against opponents 1-1 at the Olimpico, which means it has the advantage on away goals.

Statistically, Napoli appear unattractive. In control of the ball, both teams are strong 50% -50%. Napoli more shot with 13 versus 10 belongs to Lazio. But Rafael Benitez foster children only recorded one shot on target while the other one touched the goalposts. While Lazio had three efforts towards goal and one goal to fruition.

Napoli president Aurelio de Laurentiis was upset with his team’s performance is considered substandard. Moreover, this negative rate mememperpanjang them lately.

Marek Hamsik et al. past the last nine games with just picking one victory. In that period, they swallow four defeats and four draws. They bahka had not won the last five games, twice got a draw and three defeats.

Besides knocked out of the Coppa Italia, the rate was made Napoli knocked out of the top three Serie A. Now the children of Naples scattered in the order of six standings with 47 of the 29 weeks. They threatened to fail for the Champions League, in which it has now left behind eight points from Lazio in the top three.

De Laurentiis demanded his immediate return to a positive path. Otherwise, he threatened to hold ritiro. Ritiro itself is a kind of training camp is usually held closed and tight because of an emergency situation or needs urgent. In other words, this is the concept of alienation. Ritiro own common in Italy.

“We have a commitment with the Azzurri fans, which is quite right to be unhappy. From today until the end of the season, if we do not change the path and the players are not able to honor their uniform, then they will go to ritiro,” said De Laurentiis to Sportitalia.

“I hope all this will be a turning point to trigger a sense of pride. We have to show a very poor performance, which is not feasible for Napoli,” he added.

“Starting today we changed tactics. We need a training session for thought, more respect for the fans, clubs, coaches, and their own,” said the film entrepreneur told Football Italia.