Got Ugly Fellaini Moyes Call for Transfer Management LLC

Got Ugly Fellaini Moyes Call for Transfer Management LLC

Got Ugly Fellaini Moyes Call for Transfer Management LLC

San Sebastian – Former Manchester United’s manager, David Moyes, spoke about Marouane Fellaini. According to him, Fellaini performed poorly last season because of poor management of the club’s transfer.

Fellaini of Everton brought on the last day of the summer transfer market in 2013. The frizzy-haired midfielder earned United’s price is quite expensive, which is 27.5 million pounds, more expensive 4.5 million pounds of sale clause in his contract.

Fellaini transfer process itself convoluted. Moyes and club officials had filed a joint bid for Fellaini and Everton left-back Leighton Baines. However, the offer was rejected.

After thinking for a long time, finally offer for both players were separated. However, in the end, only Fellaini who successfully anchored to Old Trafford.

Fellaini became the only player who obtained United in the summer two years ago. Their attempt to hook Gareth Bale, Thiago Alcantara, until Ander Herrera –meski latter name was eventually joined in 2014– all failed.

According to Moyes, becoming the only player who managed to buy United made a big pressure on the shoulders Fellaini perch.

“Make him (Fellaini), it was a big step,” said Moyes as reported by The Independent.

“Come with me to move the club and was the only player who managed to make the move brought more heavy.”

“We want to bring in other players and everything did not go as we wanted. Ideally, Fellaini not be the only player we buy, if only we were better,” said Moyes.

In the first season, Fellaini looks difficult tune. Played as a central midfielder, tall Belgian midfielder was repeatedly performed poorly. It is so, he had an injury plagued anyway.

When Louis van Gaal comes seat United manager, Fellaini was rumored to be sold. However, Van Gaal has successfully made Fellaini improve performance by re-placing it as one of the key to the team’s attack.

This season, Fellaini has appeared 21 times in the Premier League –lebih lot of amount appearance last season that only 16 of 21 matches, he has scored 6 goals.