Chelsea Success Always Make opponents Great Frustration

Chelsea Success Always Make opponents Great Frustration

Chelsea Success Always Make opponents Great Frustration

London – Arsenal successfully frustrated by Chelsea despite continued pressing. The Gunners midfielder Aaron Ramsey salute with his rival’s ability to make his main opponent teams deadlocked five occupants.

Arsenal drew 0-0 at home to Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (04/26/2015) pm last night. Shown at home, Arsenal attempt to appear pressing since the first minute and had diladeni openly by Chelsea, though later more play defense.

Statistics show host alerts whoscored slightly superior in control of the ball that is 57% to 43%. They also release more experimental scoring with 12 shots were rewarded only seven by Chelsea.

However, from 12 attempts, Arsenal only able to record one targeted. Instead Chelsea instead directed three kicks at goal.

The note shows how Arsenal difficulty penetrating the defense raised Chelsea John Terry and Gary Cahill. Not surprising given the fact the kids west London is the best in this last season.

Throughout the 33 weeks they’ve conceded 26 times, or an average of 0.8 goals conceded per game, where it is the best record of the entire team Premier League. If you look further, even just five teams who can score more than one goal against Chelsea in the league this season. They are Everton and Tottenham Hotspur with three goals and Hull City, Newcastle United and Swansea City with two goals.

Of the five, only two are on the defeat to Jose Mourinho’s team made the Newcastle and Tottenham. Just two defeats that have so far swallowed Chelsea from 33 weeks.

The survival of the qualified also makes Chelsea this season still unbeaten by five big teams like Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool. They get four draws and three victories, scoring eight goals and conceding four times recently.

This capability distinguishes recognized Ramsey Chelsea in the Premier League rivals, including his team.

“Maybe this season they perform very well in big matches, where they keep the shape of the game and frustrating teams like that done to us. On another occasion, we may have scored a pair of goals and win games,” he said on the site club official.

“Full credit to them, they defended very well. They came here with a mission and do not lose it,” added the Wales midfielder this.

With overnight results, Chelsea are now living took two wins from the remaining five games that belongs to them or six points to secure the title.