Call Boban Milan mediocre player, Bonaventura Sultry

Call Boban Milan mediocre player, Bonaventura Sultry

Call Boban Milan mediocre player, Bonaventura Sultry

Milan – Former AC Milan star, Zvonimir Boban, call Rossoneri are now filled with mediocre players. The Speech Boban get stiff opposition from Giacomo Bonaventura.

Besides calling Milan mediocre players, Boban also considered that Filippo Inzaghi did not have a clear plan on tactics which he applied. All this, said Boban, so the base of a bad season for Milan.

“Milan is a problem they have mediocre players,” he told Sky Sports.

“It’s hard to build a team with players like that. I do not understand what they can offer.”

“Inzaghi also do not have a good tactic, but it is also hard to make them work together, very, very difficult. The situation is very complicated,” said Boban.

Bonaventura bit frustrated to hear the comments. According to Bonaventura, Boban should know what kind of problems faced by the players on the field.

“I do not believe he said that,” said Bonaventura.

“He is a great player in the past and he should know the problems faced by the players on the field, especially when faced with difficult moments like this, when everything is complicated.”

“Maybe, he never had periods like that.”

“This team, in my view, have a decent squad get better results than our position in the standings at the moment,” said Bonaventura.

Milan currently sit ninth in the standings with a collection of 42. In the last three games, they successfully won two victories (over Cagliari and Palermo) and one draw (Sampdoria). Monday (20/4) pm dawn, will meet with Inter Milan.

Speech Boban himself not only make hot Bonaventura, but also Inzaghi. Significantly, the two were mutually reciprocated comment.

“Maybe, we both saw a different game,” said Inzaghi after the draw against Sampdoria.

Boban then reply again, “Are not you guys played very poorly in the first half? No? Well, if so, you really have a style that is very different ..”

“Tonight, I realized the true value of this Milan squad, was quite satisfied drew on the game as it is difficult to accept,” said Boban.