Test Soton Awakening ‘The Blue’, Duel Manchester United vs Spurs at Old Trafford

Test Soton Awakening ‘The Blue’, Duel Manchester United vs Spurs at Old Trafford

Test Soton Awakening 'The Blue', Duel Manchester United vs Spurs at Old Trafford

London – This weekend Southampton will examine the extent to which Chelsea have forgotten their disappointment in the Champions League. While there is a duel at Old Trafford four major seizure, Tottenham Hotspur Manchester United counter.

Chelsea had to bury his dream to be able to embrace their second Champions League trophy, after being knocked vice France, Paris St-Germain, winning 3-3 away goals aggregate. At dawn pm last home, Chelsea offset was winning 2-2 after twice.

Obviously this is so disappointing result for Chelsea last season was so close to the final, before being stopped Atletico Madrid in the semi-finals. Moreover, they are out of the competition without even tasted defeat.

For Jose Mourinho is the failure to break the streak series of five seasons always qualify for the semifinals. However, Mourinho has warned his players not go on so long in disappointment.

For this weekend is no longer a formidable opponent who visited them to Stamford Bridge, Southampton will be “bully” the recovery period after the players were knocked out of the Champions League.

With the Premier League so only the last chance to add a trophy this season, Chelsea obviously can not slip again given the City will continue to stalk them in the second position.

Advantages five points should be kept the Blues if you do not want City nears. However Soton also not be underestimated considering them too ambitious to improve ranking, now in seventh position, and pushed back to the top like the other day.

While the City is also required if you do not want to beat Burnley away back away from Chelsea. Burnley, which offset the Citizens team 2-2 at the end of last year, would also want to scoop up three points in order to improve their position in the order of 19 today.

The Clarets could utilize concentrations City division that is also a visit to the Camp Nou in midweek tomorrow, in order to maintain chances of qualifying for the Champions League quarterfinals.

At Old Trafford exciting duel will happen when Manchester United entertain Spurs, two teams that are competing for the position of the big four. ‘Red Devils’ 4th position with 53 points, just three points ahead of Spurs in sixth.

Victory for each team will certainly increase the chances of getting them to qualify for the Champions League. Moreover, both Manchester United and Spurs already had left to pursue trophy last season.

Third-ranked Arsenal will host West Ham United in a London derby. Three points would strengthen their position at the same time continue the positive trend after removing MU in the FA Cup quarter-final, as well as moral injector for the match against AS Monaco determination.

Liverpool will face a tough opponent at the Liberty Stadium when they pay a visit to Swansea City’s cage. Can Brendan Rodgers forces continue the trend unbeaten in its last 12 games in the league?