Rodgers Sanjung Henderson

Rodgers Sanjung Henderson

Rodgers Sanjung Henderson

Liverpool – Jordan Henderson performed brilliantly as Liverpool beat Burnley 2-0 at Anfield on Thursday (03/05/2015) pm dawn. It makes Henderson can praise from manager Brendan Rodgers.

Henderson, who wore the captain’s armband in the game, was involved in the creation of two goals that won Liverpool. He brought the Reds took the lead with his hard shots in the first half. In the second half, midfielder numbered 14, it sends the completed mature feedback Daniel Sturridge goal.

“The shot is superb and it certainly makes you more confident in the game,” said Rodgers was quoted as saying Soccerway.

“Bait for the second goal was also very great. He has the technique and precision are very good,” he added.

“I think he keeps growing all the time. When he got older in tactics, he will be better again. She was born with a natural talent as an athlete, to run,” said Rodgers.

Henderson this season has appeared in 27 Premier League games and recorded four goals. He also scored a beautiful goal against Manchester City last weekend.

“Tactically, he’s improved. In the technique, as you can see, he’s got quality. Feed-bait are getting better,” Rodgers praised again.

“He became one of the true leaders in this young team. The appearance was very nice of him,” said Rodgers.

Liverpool, who is unbeaten in its last 12 games in the Premier League, now occupies the fifth position in the standings. They closed to within two points of Manchester United who are in the fourth position.