Praise Reaction Rome, Garcia Regret Failure Make Second Goal

Praise Reaction Rome, Garcia Regret Failure Make Second Goal

Praise Reaction Rome, Garcia Regret Failure Make Second Goal

Roma – Roma coach Rudi Garcia, called his team showed tremendous reaction after conceding the match against Juventus. But, he was also a little disappointed because Rome is only able to score one goal.

In the match ending 1-1 at the Olimpico, Tuesday (03/03/2015) pm dawn, Rome appear more dominant. Statistics whoscored noted possession the home team reached 60%.

However, Juve have more opportunities. The Bianconeri are the counter-attack and the release 10 shots on target. Meanwhile, Rome made eight trials scored and three of which led to the goal.

After a goalless first half, Juve able to break the deadlock. Carlos Tevez’s free-kick past the posse of players Rome and rattled goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis. Moments before Tevez scored, Roma defender Vasilis Torosidis sent off for a second yellow card.

Roma who lost a number of players turned out to master the game after that. Giallorossi can finally evened the score by Seydou Keita header.

“It was a match race tactics and in situations like this could end result is determined by a dead ball. There is little real chance of the game open,” said Garcia told Sky Sport Italia.

“I still judge the reaction of Rome remarkable because we play with 10 players and one goal behind and then pressing the final minutes. It shows that the team is alive and has character,” he added.

After the score to 1-1, Rome is continue to press Juve in the rest of the time. However, their efforts did not produce additional goals.

“This team never chase a draw at home, even when up against the top teams. When behind 0-1, we have to take risks despite playing with ten men, and we suppress Juventus with confidence until the end,” said Garcia.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to score the second goal, which deserve we get if we look at the performance in the last half hour,” said the Frenchman.

With this draw, the distance Roma and Juventus in the Serie A standings unchanged. Juventus still lead in the first position with a collection of 58 points, followed by Roma with a margin of nine points.