Not Just Boring, Roma Also Disappointing

Not Just Boring, Roma Also Disappointing

Not Just Boring, Roma Also Disappointing

Jakarta – AS Roma could only draw from Chievo Verona in Serie A. coach ‘Capital Wolves’ Rudi Garcia foster children look very dull and disappointing.

Playing at Marc Antonio Bontegoni on Sunday (03/08/2015) night, Rome offset Chievo 0-0. Stood at one point that was made I Lupi more familiar with a draw. Since the turn of the year, Roma recorded eight game series.

Whoscored noted Rome is dominant in possession with 60:40 comparisons. Rome seems bad in the final settlement. In fact, Rome was able to make 11 trials but only three shots on target.

Garcia was disappointed with the performance besutannya team. He considered that the game be the worst performance of his team.

“Not just the result is not okay, we also played poorly. The results here are totally different with the achievement of a draw in the previous matches,” Garcia said as quoted by Football Italia.

“We played like we were already on the ground for three hours and could not also scored. It was really disappointing results.

“We must immediately clean. From tomorrow we have to evaluate the exercise and should do it more okay. Our performance should be better in the weeks ahead, but I actually do not see the hunger of determination, or whatever. Especially in the first half,” he explained .