July, Arsenal to Visit Singapore

July, Arsenal to Visit Singapore

July, Arsenal to Visit Singapore

London – Arsenal are set to tour South East Asia again next summer. The Gunners certainly visited Singapore in July.

In Singapore, Arsenal will follow the Barclays Asia Trophy preseason tournament. The tournament was followed by two other Premier League clubs, Everton and Stoke City, as well as Singapore XI.

Barclays Asia Trophy is a knockout tournament held over two days, July 15 and July 18. Two teams that won on the first day will meet in the final, while the two losing teams will compete for the third position.

Barclays Asia Trophy will be held at the Singapore National Stadium. The new stadium with a capacity of 55 thousand spectators.

Barclays Asia Trophy was held biennially since 2003. This year is the first time Singapore to host.

This is the first time Arsenal participate in the Barclays Asia Trophy tournament. It also will be the first visit of Arsenal to Singapore since 1991.

“We are delighted to be participating in the Barclays Asia Trophy,” said the Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, the club’s official website.

“We’ve never been to Singapore (for I became manager of Arsenal) and that is why we are very happy to be going there,” he said.