Important Kian Tevez to Juventus

Important Kian Tevez to Juventus

Important Kian Tevez to Juventus

Dortmund – One time, Sir Alex Ferguson has praised Carlos Tevez as a big game player. That is, Tevez unreliable when his team face an important game. Ferguson’s words were later embodied in the real Juventus.

Ferguson was never trained Tevez. The Argentine striker is one important part of the success of his team, Manchester United, when it won the 2008 Champions League.

However, the story of United’s Tevez and good only at the beginning. When United did not rush mempermanenkan status, Tevez, who when it was still owned by Media Sports Investment, an agency owned Kia Joorabchian– finally chose to join United’s rivals, Manchester City.

Ferguson admitted to the BBC that should United tie faster. However, when it is, Ferguson was not sure because Tevez and his agent ask for money very much.

In the City, Tevez won the FA Cup and Premier League 2010/2011 2011/2012. But, just like the story at United, Tevez does not end well.

He was at odds with the City manager at the time, Roberto Mancini. Because do not want to play as a substitute when City face Bayern Munich in the Champions League, Tevez also was “exiled” from the main squad. Although he returned to the main squad, Tevez relationship with Mancini was already bad.

After the dispute, Tevez only lasted one more season in the City. In the 2013/2014 season, he finally accepted the proposal and move to Juventus Turin.

In Turin, Tevez seemed at home. Unlike in Manchester, where he has been unable to go anywhere because it always rains and did not have a pleasant restaurant, Tevez enjoy life in Turin.

Performance in the field was slick. In his first season with Juventus, Tevez appeared 48 times in all competitions and scored 21 goals. This season, the record is better: from 33 appearances in all competitions, Tevez has scored 23 goals.

Finally, Tevez became decisive passage of Juventus to the Champions League quarterfinals. Two goals of his prints on goal Borussia Dortmund, helping the Bianconeri’s 3-0 win over the German representative.

Not only that, Tevez also contributed one assist. Opta noted, this is the first time Tevez was involved in three goals in one match in the Champions League.

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri satisfied with the performance of Tevez this season. For him, Tevez not only be a scorer, but also supplies other front players. Assist her in the game against Dortmund is one of the proofs.

At Juventus, Tevez really had played behind a lone striker. His role this one makes Alvaro Morata call it a dream partner.

Tevez himself is no stranger to the role as an advocate. When playing for United, he –bersama Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo– often interchangeably and swapped positions on the front lines. One the miners goals, the other being the proponent.

“Tevez undergoing a great season. He played for the team as a whole and able to read the direction of the game well,” said Allegri.