Danny Welbeck Be a Victim nudge Racist

Danny Welbeck Be a Victim nudge Racist

Danny Welbeck Be a Victim nudge Racist

Manchester – The story is not bad follow diraihh Arsenal’s 2-1 victory over Manchester United in the FA Cup quarterfinals. Attackers The Gunners, Danny Welbeck, getting smelling racist slur at Twitter.

Welbeck so decisive victory in a match that lasted Arsenal at Old Trafford. The 24-year-old attacker successfully utilize blunders Antonio Valencia who intend to backpass to David De Gea.

Welbeck himself is no stranger for United. Besides born and grew up in Manchester, Welbeck was also trained by United’s academy and successfully penetrate the main team. Until then Louis van Gaal come and vote does not match the categories he wants.

The loss left United for a chance to win a trophy this season becomes very thin. The only chance, and it was relatively small, only they have in the league. Ironically, sags chance to Merai trophy was caused by a former player.

After the game, Welbeck was getting scolding via social media Twitter. Greater Manchester Police said, there are some diatribe directed at Welbeck pitched racist.

Today, Greater Manchester police will investigate the case nudge pitched racist.

Pitched racist attacks on social networking sites is not the first time that happened. In 2012, Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel, could get a similar attack.

The impact of the racist nudge, Mikel finally chose to close his Twitter account. At that time, Chelsea did not stay silent. They immediately reported the case to the police.