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Andy Cole: Chelsea Will Champion, Arsenal Can Only Runner-up

Andy Cole: Chelsea Will Champion, Arsenal Can Only Runner-up

Andy Cole: Chelsea Will Champion, Arsenal Can Only Runner-up

Jakarta – Chelsea called Andy Cole will reach the Premier League trophy this season. But, Cole was not sure which teams will accompany the Blues to the Champions League next season.

Chelsea this season is starting very consistent. Jose Mourinho’s side was just two defeats in 27 games. They now topped the standings with 63 points and the acquisition of five points clear of Manchester City who was second. However, City played one match more.

Under the City, respectively there Arsenal (54 points), Manchester United (53 points), Liverpool (51 points), Southampton (49 points), and Tottenham Hotspur (47 points).

Looking at the Chelsea game today and their consistency, Cole sure will be very difficult for other teams to prevent them become champions. Meanwhile, four points between City and Arsenal judged not too big.

“I think Chelsea will be champions. And if you look at the position of Manchester City, they are four clear of Arsenal. So, Arsenal could only finish in second place. We do not know,” Cole said in an interview with several media, including detikSport, in Brass , Jakarta, Friday (06/03/2015).

“Looking at Chelsea now and manager, I think they will win. But, for the remaining three places (in the four major zones) I do not know,” he said.

When asked whether Manchester United will finish top four and return to the Champions League next season, Cole had his own views.

“I hope so. I really hope,” said the former Manchester United striker.

“If you look at the standings at the top right now, you know it’s very tight. In between Arsenal, Liverpool, Southampton. Very tight. So, I can not say Manchester United definitely finish in the top four. We do not know,” said Cole.