Rather than Ronaldo, Herrera Select Messi

Rather than Ronaldo, Herrera Select Messi

Rather than Ronaldo, Herrera Select Messi

Manchester – Cristiano Ronaldo may have had a special place in the minds of supporters of Manchester United. However, the midfielder ‘Red Devils’, Ander Herrera, instead preferring instead Ronaldo Lionel Messi.

Ronaldo spent six years with United. With United was the one name Ronaldo began to be known. Portuguese star was indeed a success for defending United with a score of three Premier League trophy, the Champions League trophy, the Club World Cup trophy, and a trophy FIFA World Player of the Year as the criterion.

When moving to Real Madrid, Ronaldo is still often linked with United. Last season, the news that he will return to Old Trafford had circulated. However, until now proved that the news is just a rumor.

Be firmly figure Ronaldo with United, natural that Herrera sheepishly said that he wants Messi more than the number 7 of Madrid.

In the event entitled “Manchester United Foundation’s day”, Herrera get questions from journalists: If you could choose, who would he buy, Messi or Ronaldo?

Herrera replied: Messi.

“Maybe it does not sound good for Man United fans because all love Ronaldo. But, I thought, I would buy Messi,” Herrera said as quoted by the Manchester Evening News.

However, Herrera wanted to be like Ronaldo someday, become an important figure for the United supporter. He even claimed to learn a lot of his colleagues in the team, and also learn the game former United midfielder Paul Scholes.

“I hope that someday I can be an important player in the eyes of the fans. But, I have to work very hard to be like that.”

“But, I thought, I was only 25 years old. I have learned a lot from my colleagues, also of great players like Paul Scholes,” said Herrera.