Galliani Tuding Juventus Cheating on Tevez Goal

Galliani Tuding Juventus Cheating on Tevez Goal

Galliani Tuding Juventus Cheating on Tevez Goal

Milan – AC Milan CEO Adriano Galliani, questioning Carlos Tevez scored the goal of his team. He accused Juventus already cheating on the creation process that goal.

Tevez goal really had a debate. The Argentine striker received the ball is not far from the center line, before finally running Milan beat defenders and struck the ball into the goal.

The problem, Tevez is considered to be in an offside position when receiving the ball. However, from the rebroadcast, it appears that Tevez is a field line with the last defender Milan.

Polemic occurs because the television camera viewpoint, who was taken right in line with the center line shows the position of the body lapangan– Tevez slightly more advanced than the last Milan defender.

Galliani upset. He was accused of cheating with Juventus had not re-broadcast in the process of goal in the stadium. He calls, Juventus had to cover it up.

“Unlike other Serie A, Juve produce and control the display image in their stadium,” said Galliani told the Corriere della Sera.

“They decided not to re-broadcast the movement that became the beginning of the creation of a goal.”

“I’m going to kick a beehive at the next meeting of the Lega Serie A, to ensure that the relief was the one that produces impressions for all the games, not the clubs that control yourself watching them.”

“I dare to argue that Juve choose to show what they want to show.”

Juventus won 3-1 in the match. It makes them more comfortable being at the top.