Costa Not the Change Style Main, but Will Be More Careful

Costa Not the Change Style Main, but Will Be More Careful

Costa Not the Change Style Main, but Will Be More Careful

London – Diego Costa some time ago was sentenced to suspension because of perceived roughing opposing players. However, the Chelsea striker saying it will not change his style on the pitch though will try to be more careful.

Costa banned for three games because of an ankle stepping deliberately considered Emre Can. The incident occurred when Chelsea face Liverpool in the second leg semi-final League Cup final last month.

Above ground, Costa is known as an aggressive player. 26-year-old attacker insisted, did not hesitate to duel, there brewed brewed here, also provokes an opposing player.

Although many are branding it as a rough player, Costa admitted to not have the slightest intention to injure the opponent. He also will continue to play with the same style.

“I’m not going to change the way I play,” Costa said on Sky Sports.

“I know that I should be a little more careful because it is not the same thing when I do something or when someone else do it,” said the Spanish striker.

“Something that I do much more discussed than any other player,” he said.

“I have to be extra careful, but I will never change the way I play. That’s what brought me to this point. That’s the way I play,” said the player who already packed 17 goals since trafficked Chelsea from Atletico Madrid.

Costa fasting scored in his last four games with Chelsea. He hopes to end the fast goals in the League Cup final match against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday (01/03/2015) future.

“When I was at the peak performance, I get a penalty, which until now I do not know why,” said Costa.

“Now, I had a little setback, trying to do our best, work hard, and hopefully I will reach a level of 100 percent,” he added.

“I’m not picky tournament, or rivals, or team, to score goals. I am a striker who want to score every time you play. If I do not make a goal in the Champions Trophy, I pray to God that it happened on Sunday, “Costa said.