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Wenger satisfied with Arsenal appearance, Sanjung Sanchez

Wenger satisfied with Arsenal appearance, Sanjung Sanchez

Wenger satisfied with Arsenal appearance, Sanjung Sanchez

London Arsenal Enterprises retain the title of FA Cup winners opened with a 2-0 victory over Hull City. Arsene Wenger happy with Arsenal appearance once praised the performance of Alexis Sanchez.

In the third round match at the Emirates Stadium on Monday (05/01/2015) pm dawn, Per Mertesacker bring the Gunners a 1-0 lead over the tally were created in the 20th minute.

Arsenal had to wait very long to create the second goal. Eight minutes before the normal time of the game, the second goal Gunner’ was present thanks to Sanchez.

I believe we have a serious appearance. We had control of the game and it was a positive match,” said the Arsenal manager in the club’s official website.

We created a lot of chances and we did have to wait quite a while dimenit to82 to get a second goal but overall I think we played a serious appearance, positive, and the collective good.”

Especially for Sanchez, it is a goal 16nya throughout this season in 29 appearances. Wenger admitted had intended to rest Chilean striker.

He always looked dangerous. He took a corner, he scored a goal and he gave a good chance to OxladeChamberlain. He is agile and always dangerous when changing direction, the sharpness of her, and how good he is when to penetrate,” said Wenger appraises .

He’s always interesting to watch because he has a good fighting spirit. He has a combination of what you want to see from the top players that means he’s ready for a fight and also has a talent,” he continued.

I was persuaded (resting Sanchez). (Olivier) Giroud still exposed ban on this day and I know this is pertandinggan important to us. In the end, he always felt ready.”