Van Gaal Reluctant underestimate Cambridge

Van Gaal Reluctant underestimate Cambridge

Van Gaal Reluctant underestimate Cambridge

Manchester – Louis van Gaal did not want Manchester United got the unpleasant surprise of the FA Cup. Therefore, MU asked to not see the eyes of his opponent in the fourth round, Cambridge United.

Manchester United will travel to Cambridge cage at the Abbey Stadium, Saturday (24/01/2015) pm dawn, in the fourth round of the FA Cup. Cambridge currently occupy 12th standings League One (fourth division in the Premier League).

On paper, the ‘Red Devils’ obviously much more favored than his opponent. However, do not want to be surprised by the Cambridge, Van Gaal asked MU to remain vigilant.

“It is always difficult to play against weaker teams, at least in the mind, because in the minds of these players is a weaker team. As conton, PSV Eindhoven, the number one team in the league in the Netherlands, lost the number three team in the second division,” Van Gaal said in a press conference ahead of the game, Thursday (01/22/2015) local time.

“It always happens in the FA Cup. There is always a surprise, and I hope we are not a surprise,” said the manager of Dutch origin.

Van Gaal then analyze the prospective opponent’s playing style. Often rely on long balls, Cambridge was rated Van Gaal will be difficult for his team.

“When you look at Cambridge and analyze them, they are a team who play very direct, with long balls, and had five or six players who have high badang more than 1.9 meters. So for us, it will be difficult to survive,” further Van Gaal.

“That’s why we have to prepare very well. It’s not easy to play and beat Cambridge United. It is the opposite with different playing styles, with different players, and we have to defeat or we knocked out,” he said as preached Soccerway.