Threatening Partenopei Juventus defender-defender who Fatigue

Threatening Partenopei Juventus defenderdefender who Fatigue

Threatening Partenopei Juventus defender-defender who Fatigue

Jakarta Juventus look faltered in the last two months one of which affected the performance of the back row. Giorgio Chiellini et al more easily penetrated and did not appear as early in the season.

Juventus gained only one victory in its last five games in Serie A. That makes them just seven points in the last month and cause Roma successfully docked with now just one point adrift in second position.

One cause may result not okay Juventus in the last month is more fragile back line. Though their defense is very solid start to the season with new suffering conceded in the sixth week, when struggled to beat AS Roma 3-2.

Until now, Juventus still be one of the team with the best defensive record since new conceded eight goals. But of that number four of which came in the last five games.

Fatigue factor is considered to be in the back row of declining performance Bianconeri defender. Giorgio Chiellini has been played 14 times in Serie A this season, while Leonardo Bonucci appeared in 16 league games.

Bonucci considered when Juventus played poorly balanced with Inter Milan in the last game. He often made the wrong bait and the right not to take decisions on the field.

Maybe we can do better in the face of certain matches, but speculation about the physical and psychological problems that we experienced really not right. We have always been at the top (conditions) and can pass all season, but when you are dealing with Napoli, you do not may fail and will ignite passion for the game, “said Claudio Marchisio Juventus player denied fatigue.

Juventus back line conditions are not solid food could be players Napoli. With 32 goals already make, Partenopei is the club with the highest productivity second behind Juventus.

Scored two goals to help his team beat Cesena 4-1, Gonzalo Higuain will be a real threat for Juventus. The Argentine striker has to make nine goals this season, and sits in second place top scorer list.

Napoli match with Juventus will be held on Sunday (01/11/2015) pm dawn at the Stadio San Paolo.