Enthusiastic Rodgers Towards Big Four Face Competition

Enthusiastic Rodgers Towards Big Four Face Competition

Enthusiastic Rodgers Towards Big Four Face Competition

Liverpool – Liverpool determined to maintain an impressive rate in the rest of this season and finish in the top four. See a very open competition and involve a number of teams to make managers ‘The Red’ Brendan Rodgers enthusiastic.

After stumbling in the first half of the season, Liverpool began to rise ahead of the turn of the year. Since the end of last December, foster children Rodgers has never lost in six league games.

The rate it will seek to be maintained Merseyside children until the end of the season, starting with the host West Ham United at Anfield on Saturday (01/31/2015) night tomorrow.

Currently, Steven Gerrard et al. still stuck at number eight Premier League standings with a value of 35 of the 22 weeks. They are located just five points clear of Manchester United who occupy fourth place or limit the Champions League zone.

The fact that there are five teams within five points between the top eight with the top four making the competition to the four large so interesting. In addition to Liverpool and Manchester United, there Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham are going to participate in the competition.

While the top three is still possible to change, in which there are Chelsea, Manchester City and Southampton. City and Soton itself is still within seven points of Manchester United.

“Competition to the big four would be interesting. There are a number of teams that will be involved in it. We want to ensure yourself up there and we have to continue to attenuate the distance,” Rodgers told the club’s official website.

“So if we get a positive result on Saturday, then we would be in that position. With the return of Daniel (Sturridge) and with the recovery of fitness, then it will make us in a good position for the final stage of the season,” added the 42-year Here you are.