‘Capital Wolves’ Need ‘Fangs’ are More Sharp

‘Capital Wolves’ Need ‘Fangs’ are More Sharp

'Capital Wolves' Need 'Fangs' are More Sharp

Jakarta Since last season, AS Roma rose so hunters Scudetto and compete with Juventus who had been dominating. Capital Wolves’ have a chance to oust his rival, but has problems that need to be addressed.

Last season‘s surprise Rome under allenatore brand-new, Rudi Garcia. After three consecutive seasons never entered the top five, they rise up and compete with Juve in the race for the championship title. But in the end the children of the capital had to settle for a second place finish.

In the second season Garcia, targeting Roma Serie A. Improvements were made to bring in some new players. Juan Iturbe brought to sharpen the front lines, Seydou Keita add an option in midfield, and Kostas Manolas and Davide Astori to maintain the robustness of the back line.

On his journey this season, Roma at least have been able to replicate the performance of last season: in second place until the 19th week and remains difficult to break into. New 14 goals lodged so far, only less than Juve who conceded nine times.

But for the Scudetto, Roma clearly need to be better. Simply put, they should be okay and win more than Juve. But until now, it has not been realized in practice, is evident from the composition in the standings board.

If there is a sector that needs to be addressed Rome, perhaps the main line of attack in the final settlement. Despite the fact that Rome was fourth in productivity goals (behind Juventus, Napoli and Lazio), statistics show Garcia foster children should be better.

Noted Squawka, Rome is the best team in the feeding and control of the game. On average they recorded a 55% ball possession, recorded a total of 17. 451 successful bait, and the level of accuracy of 87%. All three are the highest in Serie A.

I Lupi is also one of the top teams about the creation of opportunities. They are in the order of three with a total of 451 opportunities, behind Juve (465) and AC Milan (458).

However, Rome was not contained in the top five in terms of the average shots per game. Noted whoscored, Rome only ranks seventh with an average of 14, 1 shot per game.

Roman dominance in possession and the high number of opportunities created are also not directly proportional to the number of goals the players. Their top scorer in the league at the moment is Adem Ljajic with six goals, which is not even top 10 scorer.

Compare with Juve who had Carlos Tevez, who recorded 13 goals and contributed 31% of the number of team goals. Napoli had Gonzalo Higuain (10 goals) and Jose Callejon (9 goals) accounted for 55% of total team goals. While Lazio had Stefano Mauri and Filip Djordjevic who each had seven goals, contributing 42% of the goals ‘The Eagle‘. As previously mentioned, these three teams have a record of productivity goals better than Rome.

In short, the Romans never had a problem with creating opportunities. No creation, but its solution less than the maximum. Roma need to brush up on his assailants so much sharper and more effective.

Interestingly, two scorer Rome today that Ljajic (6 goals) and Destro (5 goals) was not even a regular starter. Destro only eight times down as a starter of 15 appearances in Serie A. Of the 19 week eight starters, the game is not fully lived.

While Ljajic 12 times down as a starter in 17 games in 19 weeks. Of the 12 times the starter, only three times he played in full. Should Garcia needs to have more confidence in these two players?

Clearly Roma need to solve the better chances. With rivals have players who can be relied upon to score, maybe the fans yearn for the same figure. Keep in mind that while winning the league in the 2000-2001 season, they have Gabriel Batistuta who scored 20 goals all season. In addition, Vincenzo Montella and Francesco Totti also sharp with 14 goals and 13 goals respectively.

Backward last season Destro only able to achieve double-digit scoring with 13 times the opponent goalkeeper. Although performed collectively with 17 players scored in the campaign, the reality is not enough to bring the title.

Roma need assailant appeared more effective in its efforts to hunt down and pass Juve. As long as this problem has not been resolved, Juve will probably remain so no unclimbed mountain.