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Punished Because Postings on Instagram, Balotelli Apologize

Punished Because Postings on Instagram, Balotelli Apologize

Punished Because Postings on Instagram, Balotelli Apologize

Liverpool Mario Balotelli was sentenced by the FA because of posting on Instagram. Balotelli was regretting his actions and expressed apologies to Liverpool.

As reported previously, the FA ban playing on one match for Balotelli. In addition, they also fined the Italian striker is 25,000 pounds (about USD 489 million).

The problem began when Balotelli upload a picture on his Instagram account, some time ago. Balotelli posts that contain images of Super Mario, Nintendo’s video game characters. Which makes it controversial image is accompanying text.

The text reads: Do not be racist! Be like Mario. He‘s an Italian plumber, created by Japanese People, WHO speaks English, and looks like Mexican Jumps like a black man and grab a coin like a jew.” (Do not be racist! Be like Mario. He was a plumber from Italy, created by the Japanese, English, and looks like the Mexicans He jumps like a black man and scooped the coins as Jewish.”).

Cash, what is published Balotelli on his Instagram account that provoke strong reactions because they smelled racially and the stamp will be certain stereotypes.

After hearing the decision of the FA, Balotelli recant. Liverpool striker was bought from AC Milan was also apologized via his Twitter account.

Following the recent events related posts Super MarioI, the FA’s decision shows that it is wrong. I‘m sorry for my team-mates and Liverpool fans come in contact with the sap of something that I did and now I regret it. I will abide by the decision FA and make sure it will never happen again, “wrote Balotelli.

Result of the FA‘s punishment, Balotelli will miss the match against Arsenal at Anfield on Sunday (12/21/2014) future.