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Not the Christmas holiday, players in the UK to High Respect of Mourinho

Not the Christmas holiday, players in the UK to High Respect of Mourinho

Not the Christmas holiday, players in the UK to High Respect of Mourinho

London When the domestic competition of other countries undergoing the Christmas holidays and the new year, footballer in the Premier League because it encouraged physical busy schedule waiting. They were grazing in the UK can be a high respect from Joe Mourinho.

Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga already closed the league in 2014 since last weekend. Up to one to two weeks ahead across the players get the chance to live the Christmas holidays and the new year.

Different conditions experienced by those who play in the Premier League. The day after Christmas they‘ve had to go back to the field, against cold temperatures in December to undergo Boxing Day.

Two days later (12/28/2014) Another game has been waiting to be lived. Then right at the first turn of the year they also have to compete. In total, within 12 days of Premier League clubs have to play four times. That means they go to the field every three days.

It was very difficult. I give a lot of respect for the players in this country. No matter he is English or no English. If you are a footballer in this country, I give you a lot of respect,” said Jose Mourinho.

Today the players (league) Germany were there on the beach, they are playing in Spain was in the Maldives bask in the sun. All of doing it. But in this country you play in the 22nd, you play on Boxing Day, you play The 28th and playing in the new year. No Christmas just football, and I think the players deserve the respect, “said Mourinho in dailyMail.

Chelsea started the series with a busy schedule full points after defeating one of Stoke City. Successive next opponent they face West Ham United, Southampton and Tottenham Hostpur. On January 4, John Terry et al also have to continue the struggle in the FA Cup at home to Watford.

Supporters across the country have given their due respect (ticket) stadium is always sold out. And I think the best way to live it all is with a professional attitude that has shown the player,” Mourinho completed.