Mourinho: Chelsea Odds Bring Messi

Mourinho: Chelsea Odds Bring Messi

Mourinho: Chelsea Odds Bring Messi

London Cesc Fabregas admitted that he would be happy if Chelsea can bring in Lionel Messi of Barcelona. However, according to Jose Mourinho, it was impossible.

Mourinho said that hinder Chelsea recruit players of the caliber of Messi is about money. The Blues did have abundant funds, but they are dealing with the rules of the Financial Fair Play.

Bringing Messi of Barcelona certainly will require the transfer of large super funds. Even if the funds exist, the possibility of removing Barca Messi is also very small. Because, Messi is not only the main striker in the team, but also has become a symbol of strength and fetish Blaugrana.

In addition to problems of funds for transfers, salary Messi also be a problem on its own. Currently Messi is one of the largest-paid footballer

In October last, Forbes released a list of athletes with the largest income in the world. Among footballers, Messi, who paid 64.7 million 41.7 million of which is gaji– in the second position. He just lost Cristiano Ronaldo who earn 80 million dollars.

Under these conditions, Mourinho Chelsea could not recruit Messi. The manager did not want the club to break the rules of the Financial Fair Play.

No, I did not have a chance to do that,” Mourinho said in an interview with Clare Balding in the event of BT Sport.

Because at the moment there are financial fair play and with financial fair play we have to follow certain rules, certain numbers, and we certainly do not have the conditions for the purchase, as you say a super amazing playerwho paid with figures are super amazing‘, that can not be paid Chelsea at the moment, he said.