Confident Rooney MU Lengserkan Chelsea

Confident Rooney MU Lengserkan Chelsea

Confident Rooney MU Lengserkan Chelsea

Manchester Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney is optimistic will win the title of the Premier League to21 has not been closed. Besides sure your squad will be more solid, strikers ‘Red Devils’ the judge Celsea solid performances at the top is not that good.

Manchester United started the season 2014/2015 with the graph up and down. Until finally Louis van Gaal’s team made the find consistency with picking a six-game winning streak and broke into the top three.

Te Red Devils once managed to cut the gap with the top two teams, Chelsea and Manchester City. MU eight points behind Chelsea and five points of the City. Rooney was otimistis if the positive trend continues, the ‘Red Devilswill be able to shift the City rankings, even Chelsea.

I think we have to believe we can win the title. We left behind eight points (from Chelsea) ahead of the busy period. If we can win the game and the other team achieved poor results then it is not impossible that it could happen,” Rooney said as quoted by the Mirror.

“We have been there in this position but we have a lot of new players and it never became my experience, Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher. Later, their ability to be contagious.

We must continue to keep the victory and hope to to the top. Who knows? We have to keep the leap. Some games did we sudahi in a way that does not suit us but the result we won and it shows our quality. Sometimes you have to pass it , “said 29-year-old striker.

Confidence Rooney also terpantik Chelsea appearance is judged mediocre. Rooney assess the Blues can be defeated.

I saw some of the Chelsea game this season in which they were not so greatgreat but bite,” he said.