This reason Riedl Not Play Evan Dimas in Two Game Previous

This reason Riedl Not Play Evan Dimas in Two Game Previous

This reason Riedl Not Play Evan Dimas in Two Game Previous

Agen Tangkas Evan Dimas perform relatively well when Indonesia beat Laos 5-1. Then, the question arises: Why coach Alfred Riedl did not play in the two first fight?

In a match that took place at Hang Day Stadium, Hanoi, Friday (11/28/2014) night, Indonesia finally won a landslide victory despite failing to qualify for the semifinals. In the game, Evan look slick with the achievement of the goals and one assist.

Riedl apply a different style of play compared to the game against the Philippines. If in the match against the Philippines him to implement a long passes were removed from the center, in the game against Laos him to implement a short operands. Create Evan who had passing ability and good movement, this style like so eat, soft.

Austria coach was revealed, he was not ready to give Evan a chance to play in the game against Vietnam and the Philippines. He said, both the quality of the team is still better than Laos.

If played in the game against Vietnam and the Philippines, Riedl not sure Evan quite strong physical abilities.

We have to be honest. Without intending disrespect to anyone, Vietnam and the Philippines are still better than Laos,” he said in a press conference after the match against Laos.

“The match today was not easy, but it is also not difficult for him. Being physically he had, I think it’s still the right decision.”

Because he alone will not be able to win one of the previous two games for us,” said Riedl.

Previously, Riedl also had expressed reasons play long balls when facing the Philippines. At that time, Riedl berlasan that the physical condition of the players do not quite fit. In fact, to play short balls-no great stamina required only to provide operand, but also the ability to move looking for a space to receive a pass.