The rate of Stunted Liverpool, Benitez’s suggestion

The rate of Stunted Liverpool, Benitez‘s suggestion

The rate of Stunted Liverpool, Benitez's suggestion

Agen Judi Online After finishing second last season, Liverpool did not cruised smoothly in the Premier League this season. Ex-Liverpool manager, Rafael Benitez, assessing his former club should focus on improving themselves through the results in the last season.

Liverpool could compete with Manchester City in the Premier League winning ways last season. In the end, Steven Gerrard et al. closed the season by finishing in second place.

However, the pace of the league this season a little choked up. After 11 weeks, the team landing Brendan Rodgers was still stuck in 11th place with 14 points, 15 points adrift of Chelsea.

You’ve got to have this experience and say what can we do now?’. We can not change what happened, so we have to think what can we do in the future? How can we in the same position?’ So I think it’s the only one, “said Benitez told Sky Sports News.

A very similar situation ever experienced while still coached Liverpool’s Benitez. In the 2008/2009 season, the man from Spain that also led Liverpool to finish as runners-up. But in the following season, the Reds had an okay start and eventually finish in seventh.

When we finished second, I’m really happy because we got 86 points and it’s still not enough and everyone said ‘oh, you missed an opportunity‘,” said Benitez.

“So if you continue to complain about the oh, we lost the chance‘, you will not be ready for the future. So I think you should concentrate on what you do with the good, what is bad, and then trying to rise in the future, to the next, “said the man who is now the coach of Napoli.