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Messi Just Want to Enjoy Current Time in Barcelona

Messi Just Want to Enjoy Current Time in Barcelona

Messi Just Want to Enjoy Current Time in Barcelona

Agen Casino Online Grow Big in Barcelona, Lionel Messi awaited a question, whether to spend his entire career in the Blaugrana or not. The Argentine international striker opted not think much about it.

Messi no doubt is one of the best graduates of La Masia academy Barca. Since its debut in 2004, the 27-year-old won a series success after success both at club level and individually.

You could say, almost all have tasted the prestigious title with the Los Cules decade-long active with the senior team. The question is, whether Messi Barca will continue in uniform?

About his future, Messi admitted there was no intention to leave the club that has raised his name it. But he also stressed that many of the aspects that can influence the future.

I’m just enjoying life at the moment, I am thinking about undergoing a great season in Barcelona and on the titlewinning titles that we want to win in Barcelona. Nothing more,” said Messi told Ole.

After that, we’ll see. Football has a lot of twists and turns. I selali say that I want to stay there forever, but many things do not always go the way you want.

I’ve said many times, if everything depended on me, I will endure forever. But as I just said, many things are not working as desired. Especially in football which is so volatile and so many things going on,” said as reported by Soccerway.