About Injury-injury Sturridge in Liverpool

About Injuryinjury Sturridge in Liverpool

About Injury-injury Sturridge in Liverpool

Agen Tangkas Liverpool still have to be patient waiting for the return of Daniel Sturridge is injured again. Since joining Liverpool in January 2013 and, Sturridge was somewhat unlucky with injury cases.

In fact this weekend Sturridge is expected to appear again after a hiatus since September. Starting back in training since last week, 25-year-old striker is now even re-infestation injury.

Physio Room website, who noted injuries footballer, saying that it is an injury to Sturridge’s 13th in the 21-month period he was with the Anfield Gank. Though both players fertile Reds last season is now a mainstay of the front lines after the death of Luis Suarez.

Unfortunately, as noted Bleacher Reports, is the fact that Liverpool’s season had even started to be a party of eight Premier League play without Sturridge. In matches that also ‘The Redcan only reach eight points and scored just eight goals in the process.

Regarding his injury, Sturridge had actually admitted he was quite prone to muscle problems. Footballers bloody Jamaica also has two uncles who never would go in the treatment room when appearing in the Premier League, so the case of injury has become like a curse that runs in the family.

I am prone to muscle injuries. As long as I continue to train hard then everything will be fine,” said Sturridge late October.

Regardless, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers certainly hope that players can immediately re-sod and had better luck in terms of injuries. Moreover, judged Sturridge has great potential so the top players in Europe.