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19 Thousand Houses Awash Flood in Aceh

19 Thousand Houses Awash Flood in Aceh

19 Thousand Houses Awash Flood in Aceh

Taruhan Bola Heavy rain fell continuously from Saturday to Monday, November 1 to 3, 2014, causing flooding and landslides in several districts in Aceh. Floods and landslides occurred in Aceh Besar, Aceh Barat, Aceh Selatan, Aceh Barat Daya, and Aceh Jaya. Environmental damage and increase the vulnerability of the river.

Data while the impact of flooding in West Aceh caused 8,000 homes were flooded. In Aceh Besar, about 10 thousand homes and 1,863 houses in Aceh Jaya flooded up to 2.5 meters. Emergency Management is done,” said Head of Data Information and Public Relations of the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) Sutopo Purwo Nugroho through a press statement given on Monday evening, November 3, 2014.

In Aceh Jaya, Jaya subdistrict floods soak, covering Gmp. GLE Putoh, Gmp. Sapek, Gmp. Meudheun, and Gmp. Lambaroh. In Sub Indra Jaya include Gmp. Kareung Ateuh, Gmp. Meudang Ghon, and Gmp. Kuala Unga. Subdistrict Sampoiniet include Gmp. Ligand, Gmp. Ie Jeurengeh, Gmp. Seumantok, Gmp. Meunasah Kulam, Gmp. Ranto Sabon, Gmp. Krueng Ayon, Gmp. Blang Mon Lueng, Gmp. Alue Groe, and Gmp. Cot Punti. Kecamatan Setia Bakti include Gmp. Sawang, Gmp. Baro, and Gmp. Lhok Bot. The District of Darul Hikmah include Gmp. Masen, Gmp. Alue Elephant, and Gmp. Teupin Asan.

The impact of the floods experienced by the 1,863 heads of households / 6892 souls affected. Refugees in District 545 souls Jaya, District 825 souls Indra Jaya, District Sampoiniet 2,818 souls, District Setia Bakti 151 souls, and the District of Darul Hikmah 51 souls.

Material losses experienced by residents is 1,863 units of houses submerged by flooding 75-250 centimeters high. The access road to Banda Aceh breaking total. Five houses hit by landslides in the district Jaya one point; Indra Jaya subdistrict one point, and the District of Sampoiniet seven points.

Efforts made Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) joint military, police, search and rescue, and local muspika is evacuation, setting up a tent as well as a common kitchen, and is currently conducting data collection. Avalanche in the process of handling the cleanup.