Chelsea Criticized Because Handling Injuries Courtois

Chelsea Criticized Because Handling Injuries Courtois

Chelsea Criticized Because Handling Injuries Courtois

London Thibaut Courtois in good condition after injury to the head in a game of counter Arsenal ago. Yet how Chelsea goalkeeper handles the event when the harsh criticism. There Is?

Courtois suffered concussion with Alexis Sanchez during the game between Chelsea and Arsenal at Stamford Bridge on Sunday (05/10/2014) night, entered the 10th minute. Although time lying on the grass, Courtois then can continue the game after receiving treatment.

But 10 minutes later, Courtois back can care of Chelsea medical team. He then pulled out in the 24th minute and was replaced by Petr Cech.

The day after the incident, Courtois who was rushed to the hospital after the injury, had undergone examination of the doctors and the results are positive in which Belgian goalkeeper was not seriously injured and there was only a small cut on his ear.

Even Courtois has been given the green light to graze immediately and he will join his colleagues in the Belgian national team is making preparations ahead of Euro 2016 qualification.

Although the condition Courtois fine, but Chelsea still have kencaman related injuries these players. The criticism came from Headway, a charity in the United Kingdom specifically handle various types of head injuries.

Called Chelsea have violated the rules of the Premier League that calls if there is a player who suffered a head injury, the right to determine whether the player stays on the field or not there is a doctor specially prepared by the English football authorities in this case the FA.

But in reality Courtois keep playing after the injury, although eventually replaced. It is considered to endanger the safety of a footballer 22 years, where there is the fact that Courtois was bleeding in his ears.

The incident raises the question whether these rules are effective or not. Example, whether a consultant or a third of the doctors in this case the FA has allowed Courtois to keep playing? If so, does he already know there are allegations on the player’s concussion ?, thus the suggestion Headway official was quoted as saying Soccernet.

The fact there is bleeding that appears 15 minutes later after the injury showed indications of a concussion and this is why it is very important to do first aid when the presence of a head injury.”