One Day Want Ronaldo Back to Manchester United

One Day Want Ronaldo Back to Manchester United

One Day Want Ronaldo Back to Manchester United

Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo had a desire to return for Manchester United in the future. However, for the moment Ronaldo still happy with Real Madrid.

Ronaldo grabbed a lot of success when uniformed MU in the period 2003-2009. Portuguese nationals attacker won three Premier League trophy, the FA Cup trophy, two League Cup trophies, the Community Shield trophy, one Champions League trophy, and the Club World Cup trophy. He also once crowned as the World Player.

Ronaldo‘s success continued after he joined Madrid. The La Liga trophy, two Copa del Rey trophies, one Spanish Super Cup trophy, the Champions League trophy, and one European Super Cup trophy made ​​her handheld. At the individual level, Ronaldo won the World Player award.

Although it has been moved to Madrid, Ronaldo admitted that the memories attached with United still strong in his heart. If there is a chance, he hopes to go back to being a public idol Old Trafford.

I love Manchester,” said Ronaldo told the Daily Mail.

“Everyone knows that. I‘ve often said it. Manchester is in my heart. I left a lot of good friends there, the fans there are awesome and I hope to go back someday,” he continued.

I’m happy at Real Madrid and has four years left on his contract. However, in the future you never know because they treat me very well,” said the former Sporting Lisbon this.