Lampard Reveals Greatest Regret

Lampard Reveals Greatest Regret

Lampard Reveals Greatest Regret

London Frank Lampard reveal her greatest regret in 13-year career with Chelsea. Lampard not do a farewell to all the fans at the end of last season.

Ex-England international midfielder admitted that he purposely skipped prom Chelsea because he does not want to be embarrassed.

Lampard leaving Stamford Bridge to join New York City last summer after more than a decade costumed Chelsea. During that time, a man 36 years has helped the West London team won the league championship title titles, four FA Cups and the Champions League.

The problem is when the future of Lampard with the Blues’ still a question mark at the end of the competition. For this reason, Lampard not say goodbye to the fans at their last home games in anticipation when he does not remain in the club move alias.

I do not want to do a big parade Thank you very much and goodbye all because it would look a bit silly if it were the other way around and I still live,” said the player who is now on loan to Manchester City.

I ended up in the middle. So I just do the usual homage and hand waving as we all know Ash (Cole) will go, so we had a little moment with him.”

“There are many things I regret in my career at Chelsea but could not say goodbye properly to the Chelsea fans is one of them. 13 years is a long time,” added Lampard who reported the Daily Mail.