Falcao: Children defender with a midfielder Name So Striker

Falcao: Children defender with a midfielder Name So Striker

Falcao: Children defender with a midfielder Name So Striker

Jakarta Radamel Falcao got a lot of interesting stories in addition to the transfer of wow’ her to Manchester United. El Tigre had a journalism diploma, undergo professional debut at the age of 13 years and has a wife Argentina’s top singers.

Radamel Falcao Garcia Zarate became the last player who brought Manchester United in the summer of 2014 officially joined the Red Devils in the hours ahead of the transfer window with the status lid loan from AS Monaco.

In Europe Falcao has remarkable statistics either because he has made ​​a total of 104 goals from 139 appearances in the domestic league with Porto, Atletico Madrid and Monaco. Nothing wrong with that Josep Guardiola praised the 28-year high, calling it a best striker in the world‘s affairs in the penalty box.

Falcao has become a commodity that is considered highly prospective even when he was still very young. He can first professional contract and then undergo a competitive match debut at the age of 13 years (!). When he registered as a player who fought in Lanceros Boyaca Colombian Categoria Primera B (second tier). The match took place on August 28, 1999 and Falcao while it was only 13 years and 199 days, which made ​​him the youngest player in the Colombian professional football.

Ajax Amsterdam had great talent monitor owned Falcao and took her to the Netherlands to conduct a trial at the age of 11 years. But when he fails.

River Plate is keen to see his talent, the Argentine giants lured by Falcao after he appeared with the national team U17 Colombia. River Plate only have to spend 300 thousand pounds to bring Falcao of club Millonarios in 2004.

Falcao then became one of the best strikers in Argentina. Because of the sharpness in the penalty box, Falcao can nickname El Tigre. Not just acquired a new nickname Falcao, top education at the University of Palermo he bagged a diploma majoring in journalism. Another one gets from the state is pretty wife named Lorelei Taron. His marriage with Taron, a top singer in Argentina, has led to a baby girl named Dominique Garcia Taron.

Talking about blood lines, Radamel Falcao Garcia is a child. Garcia is a former Colombian defender who actively play in the period 1970 to 1980. Now, Garcia is known very mengidolai Brazilian midfielder Paulo Roberto Falcao who could be the player with the highest salary in the world and performed at the 1982 World Cup and the 1986 is why Falcao Garcia pinned on his behalf.

Although regarded as the best center forward in the world today, Falcao is a name in the Europa League rather than the Champions League. He won two consecutive championships in the 2010/2011 with FC Porto and Atletico Madrid 2011/2012 while strengthening. Falcao is also listed as the most prolific players in the Europa League season, after he made 17 goals in 2010/2011.

One of the biggest regrets of his career Falcao is a failure he went to the 2014 World Cup knee injury earlier this year forced him up the operating table and could only be spectators in Brazil.

I was so disappointed with the absence of Falcao in the World Cup, fans Colombia until someone threatened to kill Soner Ertek. Ertek is defender Monts d’Or Azergues knee injury that led to Falcao.