Recovered, Tontowi Heartily Exercise Bak People Hunger

Recovered, Tontowi Heartily Exercise Bak People Hunger

Recovered, Tontowi Heartily Exercise Bak People Hunger

Jakarta Tontowi Ahmad had no pain in the left ankle. Disappointment off to the World Championships has also been deleted. Victory over newly single time it closed as much as possible for the sake of exercise to boost Asian Games gold XVII / 2014 in Incheon, South Korea.

OWI, as he was familiarly called, devouring the exercise portion of the proffered Richard Mainaky, the coach greedily. Paired with Liliyana, OWI had no trouble when I had to undergo two matches against three players in the men’s hall Indonesian Badminton Center, Cipayung, East Jakarta, Thursday (28/08/2014) afternoon.

Then it is explained by Richard exercise routine acted since August 22, aka a week ago. That is, OWI has completely recovered from a right ankle injury smother at the Australian Open last June. But that does not mean there is no residual of the injury.

Every practice I see OWI often do not dare to do things that are heavy. He is still traumatized. Just starting on Friday of last week I was trying to give heavy exercise, said Richard to Fixtures.

As a result, what was done beforehe had already started to look good. So he has recovered 100 percent. We finalize her stay in engineering, “he added.

Well, the formation of two opposing three diaggap as an exercise that is most ideal for removing trauma OWI. Exercise also be rendered most fitting to hone OWI and Liliyana pace.

“The technique also helped with OWI / Butet that keroyok three guys all the players. They did not let me sort of simulation game bored too. Hence all opposing players guys, if a girl can actually speed to go down, “explained Richard.

OWI also claimed to have been fine. There was no problem.

It is ,” said, holding up his thumb OWI and passed on to the pitch.

But Richard did not deny sports games have a higher risk than measured. Moreover, the strength of badminton has been prevalent in Asian countries, although China and the host remains the toughest opponents.

Opportunity is big enough. In the Asian competition, the Chinese are so pesiang primary, while remaining aware also others such as Korea, “said Richard.

In fact, the results of the best mixed doubles his homeland in an international tournament later it up and down. While appearing at the Indonesian Open last June, OWI / Butet failed to advance to the final round. They defeated third seed from China, Xu Chen / Ma Jian in the semifinals.

Now the focus of how OWI / Butet this could be gold!” Said Richard.

Up and down in gold or super grand prix series was reasonable. They were prepared in priority tournaments like the All England, World Championship and Asian Games later as well as a peak at the Olympics, “said Richard.